5 ways to get fit in 2016

5 ways to get fit in 2016.


The new year is almost upon us and people everywhere are preparing to kick start their fitness regimes.

Here are our top 5 ways to get fit in 2016:


Personal Training.

Take the element of trial and error out of your training by booking a professional trainer. ?A good personal trainer will be able to tailor your training to your specific needs, which will get you fit and healthy in the quickest possible time. Personal training is ideal for busy people who don’t have time to get to the gym – your trainer will visit you at a time to suit your schedule. ?Make sure to check that your trainer is suitably qualified – a reputable trainer will be happy to show you training, first aid and insurance certification.


Yoga at home.

Another great way for busy professionals to get fit and healthy in the comfort of their own homes. ?Like a personal trainer, a professional yoga teacher will visit you at home at a time to fit your schedule. ?This makes yoga at home ideal for those who struggle to find the time for regular yoga practice. ?Private yoga lessons are great for beginners, as learning one to one will accelerate your progress and prevent you from getting into bad habits. ?Make sure to check that your yoga teacher is qualified, first aid trained and fully insured.


Boot camps.

A more affordable option compared to personal training or yoga at home. ?Boot camps are group outdoor workouts, usually held in local parks. ?Lots of people enjoy the energy of training as part of a group, although of course with this type of training you won’t receive the same individual attention as with personal training. ?Most boot camps will let you try out a trial session before you commit to signing up. ?Get ready for rounds of press ups, sit ups and squats in the fresh air!


Park runs.

Park runs are 5km runs held in local parks, usually on Saturday mornings. ?Once you have registered with your local park run, you’ll be able to take part and challenge your 5km personal best as often as you like! ?Park runs attract runners of all abilities, and 5km is a tough -but achievable – challenge for those fairly new to running. ?Contact us at 121personaltraining if you need any help devising a training plan to get you through your first running event.


Boxing classes.

If you’re looking for a real challenge in 2016, then get down to your local amateur boxing or white collar boxing club. Boxing provides a fantastic all-round workout, and boxing classes generally quite affordable in comparison to other fitness classes. ?Don’t panic if you’re a beginner – nobody will force you to spar or compete with other boxers until you feel good and ready. ?Even if you have no aspirations to ever take part in a fight, the constant diet of skipping, pad work, bag work and floor exercises is a great way to burn fat and get fit.


Now you know our top 5 ways to get fit in 2016, so what’s stopping you…?

Best of luck and we hope you have a fit and healthy 2016.





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