121 Personal Training featured in Essential Local magazine.

121 personal training in Essential local magazine

This article was first published in Essential Local magazine, May 2013:

Getting started on a health and fitness regime can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you have a busy schedule full of work and family commitments.

Local fitness, nutrition and lifestyle company 121 Personal Training is here to help. ?Our clients stay with us because we get them fit and healthy ? and more importantly we keep them that way,? says founder Sam Tilbury. ?We visit you at a time which suits you, and provide the
encouragement and expert training you need to get you feeling great again?.

Alongside their fitness training packages, 121 also offer a comprehensive range of nutrition packages. ?We believe that food is your medicine,? explains Sam. ?So we offer a wide range of nutritional services, unlike other training companies who tend to ignore the issue?.Services include nutritional counselling which looks in-depth at your relationship with food, personalised 21-day detox plans which cleanse and revitalise your body, and healthy cookery classes teaching gluten-free baking, super juicing, smoothie making, and preparing living food and raw desserts.

?If you?ve been overdoing the partying or are feeling run-down then I?d recommend our detox plans,? says Sam. ?Or to take our cookery classes to help you, or perhaps someone close to you, learn about healthy eating. You can share lessons with a friend, partner or child at no extra charge.?

121 Personal Training are offering 25% off all nutrition packages for readers of Essential Local, so give them a call ? you?ll be amazed at
how different you feel.

121 Personal Training ? ?Personal Training South West London including Battersea, Clapham and Balham.
07881 884 738

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Sam is a Premier Diploma qualified personal trainer in SW London and is the founder of 121personaltraining.com

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